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HS-PROD Report

In order to effectively handle our country’s health challenges, the MOHFW/GOI, have been making tremendous efforts through various centrally sponsored and aided health programmes. The NRHM from April 2005 has further prioritised the national commitment of strengthening the health infrastructure and quality services while ensuring their reach upto the most peripheral areas along with their optimal utilisation by the community. All the States/UTs of India have been making sincere efforts and reforms in the health care delivery system. However, a lot of this goes unnoticed and is thus not documented.


This communication gap necessitated dedicated efforts to document all such health sector reforms undertaken in all the States/UTs of our country. For this purpose, the European Commission supported Sector Investment Programme (SIP) of MOHFW, GOI initiated steps forward. The Union MOHFW identified CBHI, Dte.GHS to take up this challenge of creating Health Sector-Policy Reform Options Database (HS-PROD) of India. In 2005, CBHI took this entire responsibility and opted National Institute of Medical Statistics (ICMR) & ECTA for technical collaboration to accomplish this national task.


HS-PROD ( is a web-enabled database that documents and further creates a platform for sharing of information on good practices, innovations in health services management while also highlighting their failures. These initiatives have been taken from a varied range of fields and stakeholders like the state/ UT governments, development partners, non-government organisations.


Every possible way of collecting information from the fields was adopted including visits to various States/UTs, meeting with stakeholders, government and non-government bodies, giving presentations at conferences/ seminars and also conducting sensitisation workshops to generate state/UT level resource people. Brochures & CDs for free distribution and posters have also been developed enhancing the visibility of HS-PROD. The output of this 18-month effort is this meticulously designed report. It is a matter of great pleasure that till date this website has documented more than 200 reforms in 16 major areas of health services management.


We solicit further information from State/UT governments, health programme managers, researchers, teachers and institutions to take this cause further by contributing and sharing information with CBHI in order to regularly update this national database. Sense of ownership and pride is to be taken in an effort like HS-PROD by all public health professionals.


Health Sector Policy Reforms Options Database – 2007

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